Sunday, May 5, 2013

On New Beginnings...

So here's to endings
and beginnings
and all the crap that happens in between.

I might pursue additional schooling. Like a Master's in creative writing. OMG! I'm insane for even thinking that. If I do, this blog will resurrect. For now, it will just sit as a record of my journey to a Bachelor's of Fine Art in Illustration from Utah Valley University where I graduated cum laude.

Cuz I'm awesome.

In the meantime, you can follow my creative and professional pursuits at my other websites: --- Writing and Illustrating  --- DawgArt. Duh.

See you on the interwebs!

Friday, May 3, 2013

On Final FINAL Grades....


Oh, hello there, Dean's List. Nice of you to see me off. Peace out.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

On Being Totally, Completely, 100% Done

Except for I haven't officially gotten my diploma yet and I could have flunked all my classes so who knows?

I don't even know how to feel about this. Seriously.

I am NOT looking forward to moving back to AZ, because that means I'll have to be around my ex. I suppose this will provide more opportunities for growth. Sometimes I wish I could choose all my growth experiences and not participate in the ones that I don't want to.

I've built a family here that I adore. I am going to miss everyone SO much.

Really so much.

How can this chapter of my life close with such a feeling of accomplishment concurrent with such a feeling of heartbreak?

Don backstage before the ceremony.

Courtney backstage. Before she received her teacher of the year... something. It was a crystal apple to put on her desk. I think she should have gotten a raise.

Ginny's leg under her robe.

They snapped this picture before I went onstage.

"This diploma's gonna make me famous!"

All graduated.

 I was so glad I got to sit with my friends Nate, Ginny, and Rani.

After I got the diploma holder.

Yep. It's finished.

Soooo many people came to support me.

Sean and Cate and their family.

My parents, from AZ.

 Ty's parents, from CO.

 Bethany, James, and Amberly.

 Auntie and Uncle and their family.

 My amazing therapist Michelle.

 We cried. Not gonna lie.

And from Tyler: one flower for every week I was in school. 
That's 240 roses and tulips. That man knows how to celebrate something like this!

One last photo with Don.

And Richard.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this goal a reality. Seriously. And to the one who first suggested I go to art school. Thank you for the encouragement, you set me on this path and you saved my life and I honor everything I learned from you. Couldn't have done it without ALL of you. And you know that.

Tyler, you're the best. I love you forever. MWAH!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

On . . . UVU Illustration REPRESENT

So I got some stuff published in the spring issue of Warp & Weave, art and writing. I have a hard time keeping track now, which pieces are published, because I submit so often to various publications, so here is a picture of those of us in the UVU Illustration department who had pieces published who were able to attend. Seriously. I have talented and brilliant friends. Illustration REPRESENT!

 Pictured are: Camie Call, me, Rani, Heath, and Nate.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

On Gallery Shows...

and how hectic they are. I mean really. Really. How many of you have put together a gallery show? I'm guessing it's quite a few, if it's mostly art students reading this blog. It's so hectic! Ugh.

I've been having gallery shows for years. And I've had 12 since I moved here, and that's not including outdoor events where I setup and run my booth that is essentially a portable gallery. That's a lot. And to graduate from the BFA program, one of the requirements is to create, organize, and carry out a gallery show. I wanted to skip this part. Because I know how to do it. I've done it before, SO. MANY. TIMES. But Don wouldn't let me fudge this part, because I don't deserve special treatment and really , it wouldn't be fair to everyone else. Blergh.

SO, I put together a show of 32 new paintings featuring rescued animals from all over the world. Sales from the show were donated back to the rescues, and the show was featured in news outlets here and abroad.

The lovely little gallery hosting the show, The Window Box, nestled in the heart of Historic Downtown Provo at the base of the Wasatch mountains, had a record attendance that night of 900 people. So many people came to support me and DawgArt. THANK YOU!

I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and thanks to everyone who helped me get the stories up, and thanks to Ally for helping me organize and document it photographically. Thank you to Recounting Hearts for providing the PERFECT music. And thanks again to The Window Box. You're amazing!

 My maternal grandparents

Fellow alum Cami Lynn Cook and James Huston, the amazing band, Recounting Hearts.

Fellow alum Clayton Cundy

Cami Lynn Cook

Lots of young DawgArt fans

One of my besties, Camie Call

Miracle, before and after

Fellow alum Denise and her family of ardent DawgArt supporters, The Mutches. 

Sidewalk attention getter

Young DawgArt fan bonds with Toby

Fellow alum Kris Cooper

Gorgeous cousin Jen and her hubby Jared

Fellow alum Rani Bean

I love this girl

Fellow alum Justin and his lovely wife, Courtney

Auntie enjoys her niece, my adorable cousin Amberly.

Recounting Hearts

Perry Stewart critiques DawgArt. Whew! Glad I was otherwise occupied. ;)

Fellow alum Heather Michelle Owens

Fellow alum and bestie, Nate Call and his brilliant and gorgeous wife, Camie

Fellow alum Cyndi Waldron

Uncle and Auntie brought their kids, my wonderful cousins, Jarom and Kim

Fellow alum Adam Munoa, his lovely wife Cristy, and their creative brood

Heather and Rani

Friend and ally Thomas Troche and his lovely wife, Brittney.

Fellow alums James Allen and Frankie Kriegjacado

Answering some very thoughtful questions

My best friend and fellow alum, Stewart Craig

Jacob Grande, visiting on his break.

Fellow alum Adam Dove and his adorable wife, Ally

Cousin Bethany and her husband James, with Amberly

Cousin Michelle Iverson

Josh Tenney and his wonderful wife, Libby

Fellow alum Jared Salmond, his lovely wife Mackenzie and their son Kai.

This adorable girl who walked down from Station 22. I love her!

My first UVU English teacher, now best bestie, Alisha Geary

Fellow writer, Amy Ames and her clan

My lovely cousin and best friend, Catherine, with Elora

My favorite photo from the show, capturing why I do art in the first place:
to connect on a spiritual level with the viewer. To take them to a place they've never gone, 
or to remind them of places they've been, in this world, or in their heart.
Children connect very easily with my work; they're so connected to the natural world.
This boy stood for the longest time, studying the paintings. 
I hope he can grow up to remain inspired by art and creativity.