Monday, September 29, 2008

On Weekends...

Two adventures this weekend. At the end of English lecture on Friday, Geary said as we ran out the door, "Your assignment this weekend: Go up the canyon and look at leaves. And WRITE about them!"

My sweetie and I went up Rock Canyon and took a thousand pictures. I had a story concept in my head as we walked and pulled out our cameras. It's been formulating for a while, something that lies on the surface of my thoughts whenever I spend any longer than two minutes watching trees. I'll have to write the concept. It seems interesting... at least to me.

What I wrote about the leaves:

its feet are rooted in the earth
its body, twisted,
curving upward,
skin cracking brown and black
its arms branch outward
upturned, many.
it breathes
it whispers
it looks as if it will walk away,
on the ends of its fingers,
thousands of green discs,
many veined and delicate,
brilliant as coins
turning gently in the breeze,
burnished gold by the flashing sun,
casting shadow,
inhaling light.
it dreams
it sings
and i listen.

1 comment:

NullimusPrime said...

Amazing, you have a solid knack for poetic imagery. I wish I could write that way but I feel, perhaps, it is not something that is in me.