Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On Weeks...

No entry in over a week. It's not that I haven't been writing, or keeping track of my classes, or slacking off. Well, maybe I've been slacking off on my blog here, but not on anything else. Really... or not. I don't even know. I feel like a slacker.


Observations over the past week:

We watched a part of Stranger Than Fiction. I adore this film. Geary shared it with the class as an example of narrative, character description. Every performance is so perfect in this film. Emma Thompson is just so messy and neurotic. Will Farrell's performance is endearing. I cry during this film. There are things captured: snippets of insanity, the life-shattering quality of love. These things aren't always captured with this kind of delicacy or understatement, and it really is perfect. I finished watching it later this week on my own time.

Geary quoted Thoreau this week. She quotes people quite often and all of the quotes are relevant. This quote was particularly good.

"I wanted to live deep and suck all the marrow out of life."


I decided to write my narrative on the day Jonathan was married. I called him to talk about the narrative project and he suggested this subject. It wasn't an easy paper to write, but as Geary says, "Nothing worth writing ever is..." The peer review was interesting. My partner said he was so interested in what he was reading that he didn't really remember to make any corrections. I guess we will see what Geary thinks of it.

Geary quotes from this past week:

"Go forth and write a narrative."

"I'm genetically predisposed to be the queen of guilt trips, so...."

"Those of you who don't have your papers, please stand along the wall. I'm not going to shoot you. It may feel that way, but it's never happened before..."


This class is just annoying. The chapter we're working on is about relationships and communication. The lecture devolved into a debate on the failings of the sexes, both groups in class hurling glaring generalizations at each other. This really has to be a pre-req?


Cantrell is so scattered. It's very difficult to follow his lectures a lot of the time. I take copious amounts of notes, but he skips around in the chapters and is constantly punctuating his lectures with the phrases, "Is this making any sense?" and "It's the idea that..."

He spent 22 minutes on subliminal messaging the other day. TWENTY-TWO minutes. It could have been as easy as saying, "Subliminal messaging: stimulus received without conscious awareness." Five words to describe subliminal messaging, in less than ten seconds. But no, it had to be perpetuated for 22 eternal minutes, until I wanted to stab myself through the eye just to give the class something else to talk about.


Ugh. But my professor is lovely. She gave me a figure that looks like Gumby on heroin. See?

and wrote me a note telling me that if I need anything, to let her know.


I'm behind. It causes me stress. Third draft of a big project due tonight.

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