Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On First Days, Second Years . . .

The anxiety isn't as crushing. I'm feeling more ready. Confident. I know how to get to my classes. I know what to expect. Generally.

Here's my schedule:

ARTH 2720 - Art History from the Renaissance - Courtney Davis

I love her. I LOVE her. And I love art history. It's fascinating. Who knew?

ART 1050 - Photography 1 - Tyson Monson

Tyson Monson is hilarious. Which will just be an added bonus to this analogue photo class. We're in the LAB, with chemicals, performing alchemy. It's A-mazing.

ART 1120 - 2D Design - Johnny Georgeson

This is a required class. That's all I have to say about it.

ART 1650 - Watermedia 1 - Jana Winters Parkin

You know how I like to control everything, to make sure I feel safe? Jana Parkin is not a "controlled watercolor" instructor. She is of the let-the-paint-be-spontaneous philosophy.


Jana Parkin is an amazing watercolorist. This medium is going to kick my ass.

ART 370R - Figure Structure - Jamin LeFave

This is anatomy for artists and it hopefully won't be too HOLY CRAP FOUR STUDIO CLASSES WTF DID I GET MYSELF INTO I'LL NEVER SURVIVE THIS KILL ME NOW

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