Monday, October 5, 2009

On That Special Zen Creative Space...

I have a hard time getting to that space in Watermedia 1. There's this guy, this very loud, flamboyant, colorful, musical guy. He. Never. Stops. Talking. And singing. And laughing. And SINGING. Loudly.

I always sit next to Linda, this very friendly and brilliant artist. She recently had brain surgery, and she's still sort of recovering. I think recovering from brain surgery probably takes quite a long time. So she only has one class. This class. She does every assignment about five or ten times, to make sure it's perfect.

Linda ignores this guy. He doesn't bother her at all. I admire that.

He drives me CRAZY! I'm so sick of him and his disruptive energy.

Blergh. Here is a negative space assignment.

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