Friday, January 15, 2010

On The Future...

Certain year numbers hit and I'm like, "We're living in the future!" Seriously. 2010. Look at that.


That's a futuristic number if I ever saw one. A scary number even. Aw, I've read too much vintage sci-fi.

Here's my schedule for this semester:

ART 1130 - 3D Design - Andrew Turley

Andrew Turley looks like a teenager. He is seriously one of the youngest looking grown-ups I know. Here's a photo of him that I stole off of FB. He actually looks even younger in person. Like, 15.

Hopefully 3D Design will be better than 2D Design, which was like digging your own eyeballs out with a spoon and then being forced to eat them raw.

ART 2450 - Digital Imaging 1 - Tyson Monson

I love Tyson Monson, so I thought this Photoshop class was an obvious choice. He likes me too, after our analogue class together, so I'm looking forward to it.

ART 2650 - Watermedia 2 - Sue Parkinson

She reminds me of a retired hippie.  

ENG 2250 - Intro to Creative Writing - Julie Nichols

"My name is Doctor Julie Nichols. I have a doctorate degree in __________. I worked hard to earn that doctorate. You will call me Doctor Nichols."

There's a midget in that class. She sits next to me. I love that. There are a few writers who sound like promising friends. Janelle Evans and Emily Simmons.

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