Wednesday, June 23, 2010

On Being An Insane Person...

I am insane. I am an insane person.

Who takes summer school? And then who takes summer school when you have a writing conference planned? Who DOES that?

Apparently, I do.

So I attended a writing conference in the middle of summer school and it was a week long and it was AMAZING. I met an amazing group of writers in the middle of amazing manuscripts (except for Christian, he's not in the middle) in an amazing workshop group and it was all. Completely. Amazing.

Have I used that general descriptor enough?

That being said, I am completely validated as a writer and I am ready to go forth and conquer the world. Also, why do I not have any pictures of the conference. As I said, insane person.

Here is a little thing I wrote after WIFYR

Here's to:

Puffs Plus,
sentence fragments ,
organic curry,
photos of goats,
disobedient skirts,
Lady GaGa,
true confessions,
blueberry muffins,
"Every Minute Counts!",
showing not telling,
Avatar's enduring story,
bitter tears,
toe museums,
AnnDee Ellis,
Sam and Mabel and Novi and Rhoda,
telling the truth,
quelling the fear,
writing it down.

And now now now what?? Now I have to go back to school and be all academic when all I want to do is go and write a book.

Also I hate online classes.

As you were.

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