Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On First Days... 2010!

ART327R - Rendering the Human Head

Our professor is Peter Sakievich, graduated in the illustration program at BYU. His two websites: and bring together an impressive body of work, both in traditional painting styles and illustration and concept design.

Two students I know were there today, enrolled (one of them is dropping), as well as two people I recognize from previous classes. It's nice to see familiar faces that I like. There are a few I don't like, but it's unlikely that I'll run across them in upper division illustration classes. yay!

Sakievich got to class 20 minutes late, after finally finding a spot to park. He informed us of his recent move. Just arrived in Utah on Sunday! So he was prepared with the supply list on his iPhone, a verbal syllabus and his NO LATE WORK policy. Our first assignment: a two-hour self-portrait from life. Blergh. *sigh*

Also, he let us know of a book The Art Spirit by Robert Henri that we are encourage to read. We can turn in an optional five-page response paper that could make up scores for late work. I'll read it. Hopefully I won't have to write a paper.

Sold two books back today: $25.00! w00t.

The weather is warm. Parking lots bulge. Hallways rerouted as disoriented students spill out onto the sidewalks. We can no longer boast walking from one end of campus to the other without going outside.

Tomorrow: Drawing for Illustration, Illustrative Media and Techniques I and Art Lectures.

Back to school!

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