Wednesday, September 1, 2010

On Illustration Majoring...

Tuesday & Thursday:

ART2230 - Illustrative Media and Techniques

Several familiar faces in this class. Stewart, Kenna, Denise and a few others.

Instructor: Don Seegmiller. Don let's us know that he is deaf in his right ear, so we will need to talk to his left side.

"I'll turn my face away from you and you'll inevitably turn to see what I'm looking at. I'm not ignoring you, I'm merely turning my good ear toward you. Don't start moving around me to talk to my face, we'll end up doing a circular dance." He demonstrates.

We will start with oils. The supply list will likely cost upwards of four hundred dollars.

Our first assignment in this class: create a color chart by mixing each of the colors on our assigned palette with each other to create middle hues and then mixes in between, with three tints of each mix per combination.

We mix on glass palettes, smearing the finished products on tracing paper. I start two sets over, since my mixes leaned more toward one color than a combination in the middle. Stewart sits dejected for a few minutes in his chair. "Look at this," he indicates his color chart. "It looks like a war zone."

ART2210 - Drawing for Illustration

Instructor: Don Seegmiller

Tuesdays and Thursdays will be my day of Don. I like Don. He seems accessible, jokes with his students, plus, bonus nacho with cheese: he's a brilliant artist.

200 pages of sketchbook will be due at the end of term. The sketchbook is 85% of the grade. He wants each sketch to be around thirty minutes. Class time is devoted to sketch examples, a brief lecture and then assigned drawing.

"Draw a building in perspective. Make it creative."

We all looked at each other. Kenna, Stewart and I headed outside to sit in the grass. Hopefully drawing inspiration from the sunshine. Kenna giggled about her building (a Hansel and Gretel cottage, complete with conniving witch in the foreground), I fretted about mine (what to draw? what to draw? what to draw?) and Stewart drew a masterful bug-wash (car wash-bug style) and then had a mini-freak out: "I didn't draw a building! I drew a bug! Don's gonna eat me alive!"

After we tacked all them to the wall back in the art room, Don walked along the line of drawings and mentioned something good about each one. Stewart tiptoed to my side of the room. "Don's being so nice. What's going on?"

Soooo, all I'll have to do is keep up on the sketchbook, paint awesome pictures and churn out drawings IN CLASS for critique, and my Days of Don will be fine....


Miss Hobbit said...

200 sketches, in-class drawings, and amazing paintings. You make it sound hard or something.

Lee V Call said...

Who said it was hard? I'm not worried... Are you worried?

I bet Stoo's worried.

"Hey Stoo, your sketchbook looks great!"

"Ooooh.... yeah... oooh, it sucks actually."