Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On Skulls...

Rendering the Human Head:

Peter gives a short lecture on proportions of the face. It's so weird to have a newsprint book full of skulls. Drawn in permanent marker. I've never drawn in marker in an art class. The smell of twenty black permanent markers... think about it. Anyway, Peter begins mapping out the anatomy of the neck, then moves to the chest. Each body part comes with an explanation of how much it will hurt if you punch it.

Peter: "If you hit someone in the C7, you could do some real damage." "Don't punch someone in the hyoid. It's not nice."

Have you ever laughed at something and then realized you're the only one laughing. That happens to me a lot. Either I think more things are funny than other people do, or a lot of people are laughing silently...

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