Thursday, November 18, 2010

On Models...

Patrick Wilkey is a friendly AVC professor at UVU. Today he brought his dog to school. Denise, Ty and I watched Patrick carry the chihuahua mix back and forth from his office. "What's his name?" Denise asked. "Lenny," said Patrick, "or Leonard if he's in trouble." So Lenny visited our class today. Don brought him in as a model and we did watercolor sketches of him. Cute yellow dog. He sat still for about half an hour, then he decided that fifteen dollars an hour wasn't enough money and wandered around the studio until Patrick came back for him.

My Lenny paintings...

We had a critique on our still life raven and the Lenny sketches. It's interesting to see so many different styles in class. After class, Don said to me, "I really like your watercolors."


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On Switching Majors...

So a few of us have decided that there might be a mass exodus from the art program over to accounting. We'll trek across campus in the sleet, heads bent like a group of fated penguins. Kenna, Matt, Ginny, Stewart and I talked about what it will look like...

(wind howling) Long shot of figures fighting the gale...

Ginny (shouting): I dropped a paintbrush!

Kenna (pulls on Ginny's arm): Leave it! We won't need it where we're going!

(Someone falls into the snow)

Stewart: We lost someone!

Lee: We can't go back! Keep moving!

Matt: I can see the math building! Do you think it's true what we've heard? All the paper has lines on it already. And we don't have to put our work up on the wall for people to make fun of...

Lee: Yeah, where every question has one right answer.

Ginny: Are we really going where nothing's subjective?

Kenna: I can't imagine such a place...

Friday, November 12, 2010

On Compliments...

I painted a poison dart frog yesterday in Illus Media Tech. I had a stack of watercolor paintings at my table and a few people came over to look at them. Ginny picked my brain about working with the medium and Stewart put on Firefly for us to listen to while we wrestled with watercolor. I got a lot of compliments on my watercolor work. It's nice. Maybe I'm above-average for my experience level in this medium. Wouldn't that be nice?

Don gave a lecture on egg tempera. Ty paid close attention. I just painted. Ty can be the classical painter. I'll just do pets in arbitrary color for the rest of my life. w00t.

In Drawing for Illus, Stewart was finishing up a concept sketch/painting of a creature. I said, "Stewart that looks great." He began his normal compliment-negating response. Then he stopped and said, with no irony in his voice: "Thank you, Alicia."



Too bad Kenna missed it.

In Ethics today, we talked about animal rights and Olsen pretended to be Singer and we had to argue against him. We ended up discussing how we should only eat animals that die of natural causes. Oh, and people. That's right, we should eat people that die of natural causes too because according to Singer, what we do to animals we better be willing to do to humans.


So. I'm really tired.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

On Halloween at UVU...

Me and my peeps: Kenna, Ginny and Stoo

Lee and steampunk Kenna...

Ty as Shaun of the Dead and me as... well I told Ty on the way to school that I was the demon goddess of Utah drivers.... My sleeves are rolled up because it's a painting class.

Pirate Denise!

Jorge the artistic samurai...

Shaun, GI Jorge and Stewart as Raiden from Mortal Kombat...

Halloween in GT 413: Denise, Lee, Stoo, Ginny, Rani, and Ty

Sunday, November 7, 2010

On Being Average...

I got average scores on recent assignments in Illustrative Media Tech and Drawing for Illustration. Average means "C". Yeah, I got "C"s. Kenna got average scores also. This was a revelation to us. Being average. It caused a sort of existential crisis. I started laughing when Kenna started laughing after she saw the face I made when I realized and said out loud, "We're average." I laughed. But there were tears coming out of my eyes too. And Kenna looked a little wild-eyed as well. Here are the two C's:

Zombie Self-Portrait in watercolor

"Black Sabbath" - cuz she's going to church.

Stewart didn't get average grades. He got two professional grades and an above-average grade. That's because he's above-average and mostly professional.

Later during that class but out in the hall where we were drawing, Stewart said, "I'm gonna make a noise..." and then he said he wasn't going to, but we all begged him to and told him we wouldn't laugh at him, just at the noise if it was funny and how he shouldn't be nervous or ashamed of making a noise in front of us and so he said, "Okay, this is a noise from Return of the King and it happens when something dies and you have to guess what it is." Then he wouldn't do it, because he was laughing, or we were, and it was just this amazing above-average experience. Finally after half an hour, Stewart made the noise. We all held our breaths in anticipation and it didn't sound anything like any of us thought it would and I will be telling this story for years to come.

Also at that time in the hall during class, Tyler encouraged each of us to say the same sentence in a different language. We went around the table and each said, "She's dead. Very sad." Tyler in Russian, Kenna in German, Kim in ASL, Stewart in Japanese (his was the best, you should HEAR Stoo speak Japanese, it's like something out of a black-and-white samurai film) and me in Spanish. I said, "Esta muerta. Muy triste." Then Ty said, "No bueno." And we all cracked up.

I called my mom that night and she assured me I was awesome. "I was just thinking about how awesome you are," she said when she picked up the phone.

I have been working on watercolors today. I like watercolors. A lot. I'm soooo so so so glad to be done with oils. Blergh.

Maybe I'll try to reinstall PSCS3 on my pc so that I can start to post photos again. It's just so hard talking to people in India trying to resolve issues with software.