Friday, November 12, 2010

On Compliments...

I painted a poison dart frog yesterday in Illus Media Tech. I had a stack of watercolor paintings at my table and a few people came over to look at them. Ginny picked my brain about working with the medium and Stewart put on Firefly for us to listen to while we wrestled with watercolor. I got a lot of compliments on my watercolor work. It's nice. Maybe I'm above-average for my experience level in this medium. Wouldn't that be nice?

Don gave a lecture on egg tempera. Ty paid close attention. I just painted. Ty can be the classical painter. I'll just do pets in arbitrary color for the rest of my life. w00t.

In Drawing for Illus, Stewart was finishing up a concept sketch/painting of a creature. I said, "Stewart that looks great." He began his normal compliment-negating response. Then he stopped and said, with no irony in his voice: "Thank you, Alicia."



Too bad Kenna missed it.

In Ethics today, we talked about animal rights and Olsen pretended to be Singer and we had to argue against him. We ended up discussing how we should only eat animals that die of natural causes. Oh, and people. That's right, we should eat people that die of natural causes too because according to Singer, what we do to animals we better be willing to do to humans.


So. I'm really tired.

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