Thursday, November 18, 2010

On Models...

Patrick Wilkey is a friendly AVC professor at UVU. Today he brought his dog to school. Denise, Ty and I watched Patrick carry the chihuahua mix back and forth from his office. "What's his name?" Denise asked. "Lenny," said Patrick, "or Leonard if he's in trouble." So Lenny visited our class today. Don brought him in as a model and we did watercolor sketches of him. Cute yellow dog. He sat still for about half an hour, then he decided that fifteen dollars an hour wasn't enough money and wandered around the studio until Patrick came back for him.

My Lenny paintings...

We had a critique on our still life raven and the Lenny sketches. It's interesting to see so many different styles in class. After class, Don said to me, "I really like your watercolors."


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