Thursday, December 23, 2010

On Grades...

... Straight A's.


What gives? It's some kind of Christmas miracle!

*hears a rendition of the Hallelujah chorus*

On another note, we watched David Lynch's Dune last night.

Reverend Mother to Jessica: "You were my greatest pupil. And my greatest disappointment."

I said: "That's probably what Don Seegmiller will say to me in two years."

It was good for a laugh from 100% of the room, which consisted of me, Ty, my bro and his wife.


Hope everyone's holidays are shaping up to be wonderful.


Miss Hobbit said...

I got straight A's, too!

Don't get me wrong, I'm excited, but what gives? What happened to the "If you get a C in my class, that's good." Do you remember the anguish of Average Day? I remember the anguish of Average Day...

Yay us, I guess. Have a happy Christmas. :)

Stooball said...

I'm so proud of you both, you definitely did the work and it paid off. Your watercolour paintings were beautiful and your sketch books were fantastic. It was a privilege to share the semester with you two.

WickerCat said...

miracle? I think not. You're brilliant. You should take Chinese.

Lee V Call said...

Jon, why would you say such a psychotic thing?

Chinese. puh.