Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On Talented Peeps...

... so Kenna's a gangsta.

(Just so you know, gangsta is a good thing. When I use the term, it means 'extremely above-average at something'... O_O)

So Kenna's a gangsta. I know this because I was at the Warp&Weave launch party tonight and I saw one of Kenna's pieces on display. She didn't know it was being published. Probably this was mostly due to the fact that they told her it wasn't accepted for publication. Soooo... I got to tell her the good news. That a piece of her original artwork was published in the anthology for speculative fiction. And let me tell you, competition is fierce. One of the artworks published was submitted by a guy in Bolivia. That's right. This is an international publication. w00t! They were selling prints of the artwork at the party and I heard they sold out. Here it is:

"When I Fall Asleep"
Mixed media on paper
by Kenna the Gangsta

I know, right? Creepy. I can't stop looking at it.

Congrats Kenna. You da bomb!


Miss Hobbit said...

I...I don't even know what to say. It's awesome to see something that I made on your blog, knowing that the original is sitting in my room. Gawsh, I hope the print looks right...
I still can't believe they didn't tell me. They sold prints of it, and didn't tell me. They have my email and my phone number. ...I'm gonna have to complain to someone.
Still...it's pretty rad. ^.^

Stooball said...

Congratulations to you both :)