Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Eggs...

... and how to paint them.

ART 2240: I don't mean Easter eggs. On Tuesday, we brought egg reference (provided by Will Terry) and we were to paint a photo-realistic picture of an egg in acrylic. "As photo-realistic as possible." "It needs to be smooooth."

I consider photo-realistic to be dirty words when combined together. I didn't tell Will Terry this.

So we spent three hours painting an egg on a 5x7 piece of whatever we brought. I painted on black board. It started out good. Then I went to see how Will Terry was painting. After the initial block-in, he paints dry brush. No water at all. His brushes are all banged up and wiry. He scrubs the board, with very little paint, building up the values with layers of subtle texture. Denise and I stared at Will Terry for a while, then went back to our taborets and tried to implement dry brush technique.

Actually, once I went back to my own thing following an hour of fighting dry brush, my egg turned out rather nice. But this was an exercise in patience. All of us muttering, "Smooooth... smooooth...." Occasional expletives and explosions of grumpiness.

"Keep your reference," said Will Terry. "We will do this again."


ARTH 2710: Art history TO the Renaissance. I like learning history through art. Cave men and Egyptians and Mesopotamian polytheists and crazy bull-leaping Minoans.

ARTH 3070: Whose idea was this to take TWO art history classes in a semester. Kenna your anecdotes about overachieving fun will be my downfall! That said, I love the background (18th and 19th century art) of modern art. Even the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. Modern ART? *sigh* This will be a long semester.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

On Grief...

... there's not much to say.

Only that everything will be okay.
In the end.

For Stewart.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On Will Terry...

... my new Illustrative Media Techniques II instructor. Okay, Will is a gansta too. Check out his RAD work:

I am really looking forward to working with him and learning everything I can. He has assigned us sixty paintings due throughout the semester. We will do thirty in class and thirty at home. When he assigned our palette for painting he said, "Be sure to get Ivory Black, not Mars Black. Mars Black is the devil." We all laughed. He said, "Seriously, it's like EVIL. It's totally uncontrollable. Trust me." Okay, we like Will. Plus he paints seriously CUTE stuff and seriously ugly stuff.

I bought ten pieces of illustration board at The Artist's Corner, size 5x7. I got the thickest I could find. Something that would hold up against the water and what I ended up with was so crazy hot press that it was like plastic. Maybe it WAS plastic. I don't even know. But it was like painting on plastic. For sure. My color wheel looked like something my six year old would paint. No blending at all. And no fibers for the paint to soak into. Weird. I will gesso the next boards. Maybe that will help.

I feel so privileged to work with such accomplished and skilled professors. Thanks UVU! What great opportunities I have had so far in my illustration career there.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On 2011...

... mostly just a new semester.

ART 2240
ARTH 2710
ARTH 3070

My only class Monday/Wednesday: 20th Century Art and Architecture. How will I survive? It's up to the gods. However, Kenna will be in class with me, so it's not a complete loss. Also, it's taught by the inimitable Courtney Davis, so the quality of art will be offset by the amazing quality of instruction.


And she was so FUNNY today. There was a dude on the back row who couldn't stop laughing.

Tomorrow is supposed to be Illustrative Media and Techniques II, Art History TO the Renaissance and Illustration I. I'm trying to add an Intermediate Fiction class. Tyler suggested that I drop my Illustration I class (from 5-8pm on Tues/Thurs) to work on my book. At first I was like, "What... you crazy?" And now I'm considering it. I know Matt will hate me for dropping, we're supposed to suffer together, but I really could finish the novel this semester, and how cool would that be??

Also, I have another show scheduled for the third week in April at Repartee Gallery in Orem. I'll have to put together another series of paintings. So it's not like I'll be sitting around twiddling my fingers. *sigh* The life of a professional level artist is so hectic. (That was for you Keena.)