Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On 2011...

... mostly just a new semester.

ART 2240
ARTH 2710
ARTH 3070

My only class Monday/Wednesday: 20th Century Art and Architecture. How will I survive? It's up to the gods. However, Kenna will be in class with me, so it's not a complete loss. Also, it's taught by the inimitable Courtney Davis, so the quality of art will be offset by the amazing quality of instruction.


And she was so FUNNY today. There was a dude on the back row who couldn't stop laughing.

Tomorrow is supposed to be Illustrative Media and Techniques II, Art History TO the Renaissance and Illustration I. I'm trying to add an Intermediate Fiction class. Tyler suggested that I drop my Illustration I class (from 5-8pm on Tues/Thurs) to work on my book. At first I was like, "What... you crazy?" And now I'm considering it. I know Matt will hate me for dropping, we're supposed to suffer together, but I really could finish the novel this semester, and how cool would that be??

Also, I have another show scheduled for the third week in April at Repartee Gallery in Orem. I'll have to put together another series of paintings. So it's not like I'll be sitting around twiddling my fingers. *sigh* The life of a professional level artist is so hectic. (That was for you Keena.)


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