Thursday, January 20, 2011

On Eggs...

... and how to paint them.

ART 2240: I don't mean Easter eggs. On Tuesday, we brought egg reference (provided by Will Terry) and we were to paint a photo-realistic picture of an egg in acrylic. "As photo-realistic as possible." "It needs to be smooooth."

I consider photo-realistic to be dirty words when combined together. I didn't tell Will Terry this.

So we spent three hours painting an egg on a 5x7 piece of whatever we brought. I painted on black board. It started out good. Then I went to see how Will Terry was painting. After the initial block-in, he paints dry brush. No water at all. His brushes are all banged up and wiry. He scrubs the board, with very little paint, building up the values with layers of subtle texture. Denise and I stared at Will Terry for a while, then went back to our taborets and tried to implement dry brush technique.

Actually, once I went back to my own thing following an hour of fighting dry brush, my egg turned out rather nice. But this was an exercise in patience. All of us muttering, "Smooooth... smooooth...." Occasional expletives and explosions of grumpiness.

"Keep your reference," said Will Terry. "We will do this again."


ARTH 2710: Art history TO the Renaissance. I like learning history through art. Cave men and Egyptians and Mesopotamian polytheists and crazy bull-leaping Minoans.

ARTH 3070: Whose idea was this to take TWO art history classes in a semester. Kenna your anecdotes about overachieving fun will be my downfall! That said, I love the background (18th and 19th century art) of modern art. Even the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. Modern ART? *sigh* This will be a long semester.

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