Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On Annoyances...

I have been so annoyed lately. Well, the past couple days. Why do I let people get to me? Why can't I just breeze through and let people be people however stupid/awkward/lacking in tact and/or social awareness and just let it go. What is my problem?


ART 2240: So, one of our past assignments (along with a tool, mine being the inkwell and quill) was to paint, and I quote Will Terry: "...whatever you want..." in acrylic. I was so grumpy that I would have to sit down and paint when I would rather write, so I said to myself, "Self, actually paint WHATEVER you want with whatever you want plus acrylic." So I made this:

And I think it might be my most favorite thing I've ever made. It's acrylic and ink on watercolor paper and illustration board. (Yes, I swear it's acrylic. Acrylic can do watercolor effects, just like it can do oil effects. So versatile!) It's an underwater close encounter. Yay.

ARTH 2710: I feel sorry for the residents of Pompeii and Herculaneum. We didn't talk about Herculaneum in class, but I know it died along with Pompeii and I just kinda want to have a moment of silence for those doomed Romans.

ARTH 3070: I really truly despise the Bauhaus. I know our school is patterned after this design philosophy and I really truly despise it. I don't think it's light and airy. I don't like the sterile sameness of everything. I love the teachers I work with and the illustration program, but I hate the Bauhaus. Also, Dada (aka: anti-art) and De Stijl (aka: non-art). HATE. I like the Surrealists. Like, Max Ernst's Two Children Are Threatened by a Nightingale...

I mean, how much of freakin' genius is this? Love it. The Surrealists speak to me I guess. The other guys speak too, they just say things like, "I hate art." So I don't really jive with them.


I miss Kenna.

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