Monday, February 28, 2011

On Homework...

... isn't it a pain when you get behind?

ART 2240: Will Terry assigned two paintings of WHATEVER we want! So, I did this:

It's actually a study of a painting by Annrika James called Unbridled II. Hers is way better.

I changed the colors a little. It's good to do copies. It teaches you how to accomplish new things with the medium. Mostly I liked the look of the background coming through the figure of the horse.

We also did some color matching exercises and worked on a six hour study of a marble statue.

ARTH2710: A new test opened today on the Ancient Greek and Roman art. I'll take it next week.

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Katherine and Virginia said...

Oh wow!!! Yours is almost just as good Lee. Seriously, I didn't know you did it as a study from someone elses. Turned out really really good.