Friday, February 18, 2011

On Old Dogs...

... learning new tricks.

Not that I'm an old dog. But I remember Don Seegmiller referring to himself as an old dog and then saying that we couldn't expect him to learn new things very quickly.

ART 2240: Will Terry showed us a new trick yesterday during a demonstration that lasted the whole class period. (It was nice, although most of the collective was missing. Kenna, Ginny, Denise and Stewart. After Tyler went to class, only James and I were there to represent.)

Will Terry scanned in a pencil sketch from his sketchbook and then printed out an inkjet copy. He adhered the copy to a piece of 140lb Arches hotpress with Liquitex gel medium and then textured over the top of the copy with medium by stippling with a large brush. He proceeded to add transparent glazes with darker colors, working in the shadows. After a while, he added the highlights with more opaque paint. The result was a fully-realized painting that still preserved the freeness of the original sketch. I really liked watching him do this piece, I feel like it's a technique I would be interested to experiment with.

For now, here is an apple I painted for class:

It was supposed to photo-realistic. Doesn't Will Terry know yet how much I hate that combination of words?...

ARTH 2710: Courtney likes to show us clips from a series on DVD that she loves: Engineering an Empire, produced by the History Channel. She showed us a segment on how the Romans designed, built and used the Colosseum. I think we should have 100 days of Gladatorial games pitting department against department. Illustration against vocal performance. The winners would gain the rooms in the painting hallway of GT Level 4. After seeing the carnage, the painting department would be so scared of us, they would give us the rest of their rooms and go paint in SA.

ARTH 3070: After Bryant did a presentation on museum planning and curation, I have been thinking a lot about my museum project. I will do a presentation on the Dawgart and it will make Courtney smile. Good plan.

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