Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Double U, Tee, Eff

So, what happened to me?

What happened to the amazingly controlled, albeit somewhat unhappy me? What happened to the girl who would study every single day, read her art history book and be soooo uber-prepared for tests?

I don't know. I think it has something to do with the insane schedule of an art student, finishing a novel and planning (and painting a series for) a gallery show, serving on a planning committee for a women's group for my church, and taking two art history classes all at the same time. Yes. I know that all of this is my fault. I could have said, "No, I am way to busy to plan a show right before the end of semester." I could have said, "Huh uh, I am not taking a calling right now. I don't have time." I could have said, "Lee, you don't need to finish your book before June, just take it easy." I could have laughed at Kenna when she said taking two art history classes at the same time is awesome.... actually, I did laugh, but I believed her too, and now here I am.

So I have a 20th Century Art and Architecture test today. It's an essay test, like all of Courtney's tests. I got my most recent test in ARTH 2710 back yesterday, I got a 100%. But am I prepared for today's test? Guess how much I studied for it. I mean, before this morning, on the day of the test, guess how much I studied. That's right, ZERO. Who is this person who completely blows off studying - over SPRING BREAK?? What happened to her?

So I studied this morning. Like it would help.

I can say that the only time I really miss that girl is when I'm cramming for a test, otherwise, she is pretty much gone. This new girl is happier, laughs more, eats more (obviously) and makes happier art than the other girl. :)

So what did you do over spring break? I watched Charlton Heston movies...

What am I DOING? I'm going to read over my notes again. My test is at 2:30.


In other news: Will Terry taught us this rad technique, I discussed it here. We were told to prepare a sketch for this technique. Then he had us do a cool underpainting with a warm overpainting, or the reverse. I did the reverse: burnt sienna underpainting with cools to render it out. I showed it to Luke and he goes, "I'm an Avatar!"

I think it's kinda cool. You should see Will Terry's paintings done this way! Click here.


Miss Hobbit said...

I am so sorry. I can't help but feel partly responsible.
In my defense, I took Art History To and From the Renaissance at the same time. They corresponded somewhat. None of this 20th Century jazz. Not that it helps much, but there it is...
I think you should celebrate the new happier girl, and with that comes the need to embrace the inevitably lower test scores. She still tests above average, though. Just sayin' could be worse.

Ginny In the ARTS said...

I totally did 2 at the same time as well, one was an upper div too! Wow did I hate life. I actually passed them both that semester... I think that's when I was Rel Soc Councelor and Inst choir VP at the same time... but never ever again!! Ha ha Lee, you really do have TONS going on... yet you still have time to be my friend?! And be a cute wifey (I see u) and mommy (I hear stories) you're like, awesome. And I'm super glad to hear you laugh and have good times despite the uberness of uber busy. Good post. :) Go get 'em! C's get degrees. :)

Lee V Call said...

Ginny and Keena - I love you.