Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On Experimentation....

... and I don't mean the lifestyle change kind.

Will Terry told us at the beginning of the semester, "If you experiment and fail, you will be successful in this class." He explained that the only way to learn how not to do things is to do things, lots of things, and find out the ones that work for us. Not just the ways we're used to. He wants us to create using new techniques, things we've never tried. "Your time in school should be used to learn through experimentation. I will teach you how to use the medium, but you need to go invent ways yourself." He said that if we made really ugly paintings because we were trying something we had never done before, he would be happy with us.

So, here's to experimentation!

Acrylic on cork board and canvas panel. Never painted on cork board before. The paint soaks right in, so once you put down color, it's staying there. The board was adhered to the panel with acrylic modelling paste extender, which was also used for the texture on the panel.

I like it.

Little mermaid. Mermaidlet.


Shar said...

i love it! i think this is my favorite favorite.

Lee V Call said...

I'm glad you like it. Isn't it nice to create things that you personally like? I think Will Terry should give us more FREE assignments!