Sunday, March 6, 2011

On Selling Art...

I used to sell a lot more back in Arizona. I showed in several galleries, had a lot more people passing the word around for me. I did festivals and shows all over the valley. I had a new commission every week.

It's been harder here. The art market is more conservative. I suppose the economy has something to do with it. People say so.

So I decided to put together an Etsy store where I can sell originals and prints. Here it is:

Come visit!

In other news, Will Terry had us do a portrait with a specific assignment: strong light source, warms in the shadows and cools in the highlights. Will Terry worked on a portrait of Will Smith, he auctioned it off on Facebook. It was awesome. Mine turned out super creepy and monster looking, partly because of the colors and partly because my reference has pointy teeth. It's a portrait of my toddler cousin Peter. Sorry Peter, you are in no way creepy or monstrous:

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