Saturday, March 26, 2011

Studio Shenanigans

James, Lee, Ginny and Denise in GT 413

Ginny was totally ready for pictures...

Puzzle face of Perry!

A portion of the collective... (Tyler is a zombie).

I think Denise and James get the prize for this one.


Stooball said...

I like picture days, you guys always look like you're having fun.


There are changes to your blog posts. Updates, but I think some sentences were reworded/added as well. I thought I was mistaken at first, but then noticed some images were also inserted. :O

Lee V Call said...

Yeah, sometimes I will go back and add things. Good eye, Stoo! ;)

Ginny In the ARTS said...

Hey that was my birthday! What are the chances you can email me these pics?..... I wants memoires!

Lee V Call said...

It was... you had a good birthday day! :) I will email them.