Saturday, April 23, 2011

On Final Projects...

I had two of them to do this semester. Well, actually, I had a paper to write in ARTH 2710, but I didn't write it. Can you believe that? ME, deciding not to kill myself over a paper. Deciding that mental health is better.... wow. Anyway, ARTH 3070: I had to turn in a museum project. Basically this is just a hypothetical art show, curated, planned and thoroughly described in six or more pages. So I did my own art. There have been a few students in the past that have done this like JD Hawkins, who I have had classes with and miss since he graduated. So I wrote a paper about me and my art. It was very strange to write about myself in the third person. I talked about my influences, my style, my techniques. Weird.

In ART 2240, our final project was a nine hour painting of a head and a hand. Mine turned out to be something like fourteen hours. I call it Shaman:

12x16 inches, acrylic on canvas. I like it. I will submit it to Warp&Weave someday. Here is the reference photo. I am so impressed with this stock photographer. I think if I had the time and the money, I would be a stock photographer on dA. wOOt.

Friday, April 22, 2011

On Endings...

Photos from the last day in Illustrative Media & Techniques II:

Waiting for Ty to take the picture...

Stoo slums it in GT 413...

The other side of the room!

Ginny: master of illustration

Denise perfects her Eric Robin Hood!

James Paoi's Superman...
Hard at work...

Endings... and beginnings. This phenomenon sort of fascinates me. I've had lots of them. Only a few major ones. Maybe I've had a million major ones. But I feel like there's only been a few. Anyway, the semester is ending and the summer is beginning. I am not taking school this summer. I took two classes last summer and I swore I would NEVER do it again.

Our last assignment before the final project in Illus. Media Tech was to do a six hour portrait (one face) in a limited palette of two analogous colors. I chose blue and purple, because... well, why break the trend of blue people I've had going this semester? Here it is:

You know, looking at everyone's paintings up on the wall during critique, I realize that we have some awesome painters in our Illustration program. We have been applying ourselves and getting better and better. I don't just mean my peeps, I mean people who sit on the other side of the room too... ;) Like Cyndi, Alex, Adam, Micah, and others. Great job, gang!

Things I look forward to this summer:

Going to AZ and seeing my kids and my parents and my brother and his wife and my besties Karla and Diane and Steph and their nice husbands.

Warm weather

Going to Yellowstone on a photosafari with my parents-in-law

Finishing my book!

WIFYR - which means seeing Shar and Christian and Carol and meeting AE Cannon.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On Deadlines...

So I have a project due in ART3270 or whatever that class is (20th Cent) on the 11th.

I also have a show that's supposed to open on Saturday. The reception is on the 16th.

There are only five more class periods in Illust Med Tech.

What the heck happened to this semester?

On another note, we painted portraits last week. Will Terry said, "You guys need to spend some time on a piece, at least ten hours. I want you to have something good for your portfolios from this class." So we did portraits. In acrylic. Anyway, Ginny said that mine was a success based on Will Terry's standards (if it fails it succeeds)! I told Denise that Ginny was gettin' her honesty on. Well, at least mine got up on the board. Will Terry said, "I am going to put up all the finished ones." Turns out that my peeps all made the wall. 'Cept for Kenna. But tha's okay cuz she weren't in class...

Here's mine:

Yeah, it's not great. But it's my first attempt at a realistic portrait!

Our assignment today: a face painted one stroke at a time, no blending. They were pretty ugly. Will Terry said, "You all should come over here and look at Ginny's. She's showing all of you up cuz she's actually doing the assignment."

That's my girl! Click here to see it. And here's mine:

I actually kinda like this... it's got a modern feel...