Tuesday, April 5, 2011

On Deadlines...

So I have a project due in ART3270 or whatever that class is (20th Cent) on the 11th.

I also have a show that's supposed to open on Saturday. The reception is on the 16th.

There are only five more class periods in Illust Med Tech.

What the heck happened to this semester?

On another note, we painted portraits last week. Will Terry said, "You guys need to spend some time on a piece, at least ten hours. I want you to have something good for your portfolios from this class." So we did portraits. In acrylic. Anyway, Ginny said that mine was a success based on Will Terry's standards (if it fails it succeeds)! I told Denise that Ginny was gettin' her honesty on. Well, at least mine got up on the board. Will Terry said, "I am going to put up all the finished ones." Turns out that my peeps all made the wall. 'Cept for Kenna. But tha's okay cuz she weren't in class...

Here's mine:

Yeah, it's not great. But it's my first attempt at a realistic portrait!

Our assignment today: a face painted one stroke at a time, no blending. They were pretty ugly. Will Terry said, "You all should come over here and look at Ginny's. She's showing all of you up cuz she's actually doing the assignment."

That's my girl! Click here to see it. And here's mine:

I actually kinda like this... it's got a modern feel...


Ginny In the ARTS said...

Okay first of all I only said that in the beginning stages, you finished it up GREAT! Silly Lee... You talented woman (your show was awesome)! Second of all... I love being your peep. :) Makes makin art much more marvelous!

Lee V Call said...

Ginny, you know I tease. :) I love you too!