Sunday, August 28, 2011

On the end of August...

... and all it has in store. Or all it has said goodbye to. I'm not sure which.

My summer was a roller coaster of experiences and emotions. I am SO glad I didn't take summer school. SO GLAD. Did I mention how glad I am that I didn't take summer school?

Anyway, fall semester starts tomorrow! So this blog will be back in the swing of things. Or at least it will be regularly posted on.

My first class starts at 8am. I know. Believe me, this isn't my favorite time to start class. Parking shouldn't be too bad though. I hope...

My next class tomorrow starts at 5pm. Yes. It's true. As Cyndal would say: "That's a long recess."

And since I must get up earlier tomorrow than I have all summer, goodnight.

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Stooball said...

I'll see you there, bright and early! I was up trying to finish that one pic' but I'm starting to lose it. Ah I hate that