Monday, September 5, 2011

On Being Prepared...

I like to be prepared. Remember how prepared I was before I started this whole be-an-art-student-at-UVU thing? I got my books the week before. Walked around campus to orient myself and make sure I knew where classes were. Wrote everything down in a planner.

Well I've got my planner.

Wednesday 8/31

ART2260 -

Wednesday morning, I went to the lab to check out a Wacom, like Peter told us to do. "We don't have any," they told me. As I'm heading out of the lab, Micah's heading in. "Got your tablet?" he asks. "They don't have any," I say. Oh noes! We head back to the classroom, GT539 (how do I only have one class in GT413 this semester? SO WEIRD) and Rani comes in. "You guys got your tablets?" We tell her the bad news.

So 95% of the class didn't bring tablets, planning to check one out from the lab. So we watched Peter do a demo instead. Here is the demo image. So Peter's really good with Corel Painter. REALLY GOOD. You can see. You recognize that painting. He did that in about an hour and a half. I know. Think I'll ever be that good? I keep asking myself that.

Maybe when my tablet comes, I'll be rarin' to go. More likely I'll be paralyzed by fear and unable to use it until the last minute. I should actually be sitting here with my tablet, getting used to the tools, downloading the brushes I need. But no. This is easier. How is it easier to sit here thinking about how hard it will be than to sit there figuring it out and reassuring myself that it's not really that hard?

ART324R -

I have a five hour break between my morning and evening classes. As Cyndal says, "That's a long recess. I wish I had a recess that long." I spend the hours downloading programs, running errands and drawing thumbnails for Will's class.

I leave early enough to get to class on time, but I have to stop by the school post office to send out some prints sold on Etsy. Of course, they take forever to process my envelopes. I have two going international. Finally they're done and Ty drops me off at the top of GT so I can run down to class seven minutes late. I interrupt Will's presentation/lecture about publishing. Darn it all! "I'm so sorry, Will Terry," I say. "It's okay. I'll put you on the roll," he says. I say, "Thank you for your mercy." He says, "You're assuming a lot." Yikes! ;)

We talk about publishing and he shares important lessons he learned through his publishing experiences. It's nice to learn from other's mistakes, isn't it? I go last to get my thumbnails approved. "Which ones do you feel strongly about?" he asks. "Meh," I say, "none of them really I guess." He says, "In my experience, when you don't feel strongly enough about one of them, you haven't done enough of them." Great.

So we need to have a sketch for next time.

I show Will Terry a bunch of picture books I brought with me. I'm trying to gauge what he's looking for in this class. He has assured me that any style is allowable, in almost any medium (except photography) as long as it's a finished illustration. Nice. I think I'd like to experiment again with this class. Maybe some digital too? Depends on how confident I feel with it I suppose.

Full steam ahead!

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