Monday, September 5, 2011

On Heads...


So this isn't easy. In fact it's pretty dang hard. I started painting heads. As part of the 48 paintings from outside of class due at the end of the semester.

I don't know how to paint heads. Not in flesh tones. I don't know how to mix flesh tones. I don't know how to paint heads. I brought this up to Amy in class.

Me: "So you want us to start painting before we know what we're doing?"

Amy Davis: "Yes."

Me: "So we're just going to start on these paintings without any knowledge of technique whatsoever." (I am of course referring to the techniques involved in painting human heads in accurately color alla prima.)

Amy Davis: "Yes."


Ty gave me a lecture, cuz I complain so much. The whole put in 10,000 hours, you have to do the work to make progress, you'll learn by doing, aren't you grateful you have the Illustration program at UVU lecture. I agree with him. But I still complain. I guess I'll just consider these practice. Like doing scales. Maybe I'll feel better about them once they start getting BETTER.

So here are two I did this weekend:

I'm not even going to post the first one I did. Soooo ugly. As if these aren't.

They can only get better, right?


Stewart Craig said...

These are way better than you give yourself credit for, excellent use of skin tones; love the warms and cools

Lee V Call said...

Well thanks, Stoo. It's going to be a long road. You know what really helps? Those durn color swatches Don made us do.

Shar said...

so don gave trav some tips on flesh tones that totally helped him. um . .. i can't remember what they were. but you can ask either of them :) you ARE an artist. i volunteer my head. if you ever need one. ;o)

Ginny at the ARTS said...

Lee... you're better than LOTS of people in our class. You can render the face to actually look like the person you're painting AND you can make it look like a human being. You know how to paint what you SEE better than a lot in there.... hopefully nobody in there reads this... haha. But yeah... our teacher better start teaching soon... It would only make sense. Wait... this IS a school right? ;)