Monday, September 19, 2011

On Storybook Illustration...

... and its gurus.

Like Will Terry. I find Children's Book to be my favorite class. I get to choose my medium, and get to paint things that are CUTE. And I learn a ton from this class. We get all sorts of practical lectures on composition, design, color theory, marketing and dealing with clients and publishers.

So here's the first assignment in Will's class:

An illustration for this poem:

I like bugs.
Black bugs.
Green bugs.
Bad bugs,
Mean bugs,
Any kind of bug.

A bug in a rug,
A bug in the grass,
A bug on the sidewalk,
A bug in a glass -
I like bugs.

Round bugs,
Shiny bugs,
Fat bugs,
Buggy bugs,
Big bugs,
Lady bugs,
I like bugs.

- Margaret Wise Brown

Critique went rather well. I like the butterfly.

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