Monday, October 31, 2011

On the Three Little Pigs...

Will Terry's next assignment was a storybook illustration of The three Little Pigs. He said we could do what's called a fractured fairy tale if we wanted to, so that was my first choice. I suppose it's the three little pigs with a twist. The twist being anthropomorphic astronaut pigs in space. I chose to do this one in digital, which was crazy of me (Denise agrees), but I had a vision.

Of course, my vision was less than fulfilled, but maybe if I worked twenty more hours on it, it would be amazing.

The class agreed it read the best for value contrast at a distance. But other than that, there were a lot of thing that needed changing. I would like to finish this one too. As Geary would say, "Things aren't done, they're just due."

Here's the speed paint for Peter's class. The trigger word was "pumpkin-man":

Sunday, October 30, 2011

On Halloween...

And how GREAT it is. I love Halloween. LOVE. You can find my feelings on costuming here.

In my other life, I used to start thinking about Halloween costumes in March. After Valentine's Day is over, right around the time people are getting ready for Easter, I start making notes on possible costumes based on things I already own or can easily acquire, my current interests in fantasy and sci-fi and possible trends. Last year, even though I knew Halloween was coming, I didn't really have the mental space for planning. So I just wore stuff I had in the closet. Tyler doesn't have that much of an interest in Halloween, but I think it's growing on him. I made him an awesome Shaun of the Dead costume that he wore two years in a row because he loved it so much. I can't blame him, it had an actual cricket bat.

So this year, while I didn't have much mental space in the fall, I did in the summer. So by the time school started, things were already rolling. I decided we should do steampunk. Kenna said that steampunk couldn't be black and white, but after she saw the finished products, she was convinced. The main pieces (Ty's coat and my corset) I found on Etsy and the rest of it was gleaned from various places.

Will Terry makes fun of us when we leave him for the week. "What movies are you guys gonna see this weekend? How much fun are you going to have?" But really Will Terry, while we do spend most of our time WORKING, we do have to spend time doing a little bit of soul-filling activity, don't you think? Maybe costuming for me is like hiking for you. :P

Anyway, here they are, our 2011 Halloween costumes. And I think they're RAD.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

On Semester Long Projects...

A while back, I rendered a semester-long pose of the model in Patrick Devonas' class. It was nice to be able to take a piece as absolutely far as my abilities would let me. We don't have that luxury this semester.

So in Digital Painting for Illustration, we are to create four portfolio pieces based on a story of our choosing. I chose The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. I love this book and its fantastic imagery. So here's my vision: Dorothy, a young girl living on a colony ship en route to a newly terraformed planet. She gets sucked out of the ship by a wormhole to an alien planet where she has a series of adventures before she can return to her family.

Here's the first painting. This is in the series of moments after they've met the lion and gained a new companion. The trees are burned, since they are travelling through a landscape until recently ruled by an evil witch. Dorothy has goggles on because she's used to living on a spaceship and the sunlight strains her eyes.

I wanted to create a flat, more traditional look, stylized with black outlines. I wanted to do something with the watercolor effects in Painter, but Peter, being unfamiliar with the tools, couldn't advise me. I really don't know what my style is in digital yet. I have things that I like in other people's work, but I don't know the technique for creating those things yet.

It did poorly in critique. Of course, it didn't meet my expectations either. Maybe I'll try to repaint this ten years from now, when I'm much better at digital painting.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

On old dogs...

... learning new tricks.

Denise and I sit next to each other in Peter's digital painting class. I tell her that I feel like an old dog. She knows what I mean. Both of us have experienced the grief and rage accompanying the arbitrary crashing of Painter on our home computers. We both struggle to remember what different tools do, and how to accomplish what we want with this medium. OLD DOGS.

Every day, Peter shows us concept artist blogs so that we can get to know new names and find inspiration. Sometimes I look at what they're doing and think, "I should just give up." But most of the time, the blogs he shows us have the desired effect, and I think, "I could do this... or even something better!"

In the end, I will keep sitting up (painting), hoping to get a treat (a good critique) and hopefully learning some new tricks.

One hour speed paint - master copy

One hour speed paint - master copy.

One hour speed paint - master copy.

Four hour master copy - Sargent.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

On Digital Painting...

... and how difficult it is. Sometimes when I'm working on art, I don't feel like an artist. I feel like a person who doesn't know how to make art pretending to be an artist.

Most of my time is spent fighting the software (Painter 12 has a tendency to crash at the most inopportune moments) and undoing inadvertent things. There are specific things I want to do with digital painting, but I don't know how to do any of them yet.

Here are some digital paintings, some are speed paints, some are master copies done for homework.

black and white value study - Landscape speed paint

Sargent master copy - black and white value study

duotone master copy

Master copy

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On Dogs...

... in planes. I like painting dogs. I do it a lot. You can see them here. So our next assignment for Will's class was "three animals traveling". I did an acrylic on canvas painting that I have titled:


I know. But it makes me laugh. So here it is:

It didn't do that well in critique, but it's hard to create finished products with the demands of our schedules. I want to complete all of these paintings after the term is over.