Sunday, October 30, 2011

On Halloween...

And how GREAT it is. I love Halloween. LOVE. You can find my feelings on costuming here.

In my other life, I used to start thinking about Halloween costumes in March. After Valentine's Day is over, right around the time people are getting ready for Easter, I start making notes on possible costumes based on things I already own or can easily acquire, my current interests in fantasy and sci-fi and possible trends. Last year, even though I knew Halloween was coming, I didn't really have the mental space for planning. So I just wore stuff I had in the closet. Tyler doesn't have that much of an interest in Halloween, but I think it's growing on him. I made him an awesome Shaun of the Dead costume that he wore two years in a row because he loved it so much. I can't blame him, it had an actual cricket bat.

So this year, while I didn't have much mental space in the fall, I did in the summer. So by the time school started, things were already rolling. I decided we should do steampunk. Kenna said that steampunk couldn't be black and white, but after she saw the finished products, she was convinced. The main pieces (Ty's coat and my corset) I found on Etsy and the rest of it was gleaned from various places.

Will Terry makes fun of us when we leave him for the week. "What movies are you guys gonna see this weekend? How much fun are you going to have?" But really Will Terry, while we do spend most of our time WORKING, we do have to spend time doing a little bit of soul-filling activity, don't you think? Maybe costuming for me is like hiking for you. :P

Anyway, here they are, our 2011 Halloween costumes. And I think they're RAD.


Shar said...

your costumes are SO AWESOME! love them!

Lee V Call said...

THanks Shar! :)