Thursday, October 20, 2011

On old dogs...

... learning new tricks.

Denise and I sit next to each other in Peter's digital painting class. I tell her that I feel like an old dog. She knows what I mean. Both of us have experienced the grief and rage accompanying the arbitrary crashing of Painter on our home computers. We both struggle to remember what different tools do, and how to accomplish what we want with this medium. OLD DOGS.

Every day, Peter shows us concept artist blogs so that we can get to know new names and find inspiration. Sometimes I look at what they're doing and think, "I should just give up." But most of the time, the blogs he shows us have the desired effect, and I think, "I could do this... or even something better!"

In the end, I will keep sitting up (painting), hoping to get a treat (a good critique) and hopefully learning some new tricks.

One hour speed paint - master copy

One hour speed paint - master copy.

One hour speed paint - master copy.

Four hour master copy - Sargent.

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