Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On Musings...

Sometimes I just want to sit and think. My brain is going all the time anyway, but wouldn't it be nice for the body to stop and the brain to have the leisure to just drift over musings? Sometimes referred to as meditation or contemplation or having two seconds to just STOP.

So I just wrote a whole paragraph complaining about how I have no time. But why would I sit here and do that? I am instead going to write a list of things over which I would like to muse:

Papasan sofas
Original works of fiction
Undersea life
My son's laugh
What happened to George Lucas
Reflected light
The movement of planets

And now,

to bed.


Stewart Craig said...

I love thinking about energy conversion from light absorption; wouldn't it be interesting to have chloroplasts in our skin?

My word verification is 'loopsish'

Lee V Call said...

That would be VERY interesting!