Friday, November 4, 2011

On Speed Painting...

So I never really knew what speed-painting was. In oil, a painting in one sitting is called alla prima, and I've done that before. But I wasn't familiar with the term speed-paint. Now I do speed paints all the time. Not that they're that good, but I really like them. Even if I can't create exactly the textures and mood I would if I were an expert, it's nice to be able to convey the basic idea.

Here are some speed paints from Peter's class. They're supposed to be one hour, but they're more like 45 to 50 minutes, because we sift through reference photos once Peter gives us our trigger word or phrase.

Peter said, "Paint something Halloweenie."

"Tree portrait" -

"Flower-bot" - Peter said, "Looks like someone's been reading too much Oz."

"Turtle" - penguin mixed with anything is rad.

"Saint George and the Dragon" - I like the idea of storytime with a dragon.

"Fish Out of Water" - Denise goes, "What...?" I said, "I dunno."

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