Monday, October 31, 2011

On the Three Little Pigs...

Will Terry's next assignment was a storybook illustration of The three Little Pigs. He said we could do what's called a fractured fairy tale if we wanted to, so that was my first choice. I suppose it's the three little pigs with a twist. The twist being anthropomorphic astronaut pigs in space. I chose to do this one in digital, which was crazy of me (Denise agrees), but I had a vision.

Of course, my vision was less than fulfilled, but maybe if I worked twenty more hours on it, it would be amazing.

The class agreed it read the best for value contrast at a distance. But other than that, there were a lot of thing that needed changing. I would like to finish this one too. As Geary would say, "Things aren't done, they're just due."

Here's the speed paint for Peter's class. The trigger word was "pumpkin-man":

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