Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On Being A Perceived "A" Student...


So sometimes I attend special presentations that Will Terry gives. And he notices me in the audience, and then he talks about education, and how grades aren't important and how it's all about the experience and the learning and the marrow, you know, MY philosophy now, so I totally dig it.

And then he says, "Just ask Lee over there, she's one of my A students."

And I'm like, Will Terry, you just think I'm an A student.

And I'm okay with him just thinking that and not actually giving me an A, because that means he perceives me as hard-working and engaged. I'm okay with pulling a B- in Will Terry's class. It's purely because I'm missing class, or turning in comps on time, or whatever, due to sucking the marrow out of life. I have gotten so much out of his class that I'm totally okay with the grade, because I'm LEARNING so much from him.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

On Final Projects at Christmastime...

Finals are over! This semester seemed like such a drudgery and I felt brain-dead through half of it. A lot of my peers were extremely sleep-deprived, sicknesses ran rampant through the halls, I was struggling with unfamiliar mediums. And all of a sudden it's over. It feels like I haven't prepared for Christmas or even given it a second thought, and then, wait, it's December 15th? Ten days until Christmas and I haven't considered it. No decorations, no tree, just a break-neck race to the finish line of finals. I suppose I will feel more Christmasy when we get to my parents' in AZ, with their music and decorations and goodwill and whatnot. I much prefer doing finals in the spring and having the luxury of relaxing enough
during the winter to prepare for Christmas.

Anyway, here is my digital final:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On The last day of class...

... and how quickly it comes.

So when the semester first starts, I think, "This is going to take forever." And then here we are, at the end in the last class period before finals. No more random eighties videos, no more rants about ... whatever by Peter. No more getting up at dawn to go to class.

Here's the last speed paint, based on the phrase: Santa Defender: