Thursday, December 15, 2011

On Final Projects at Christmastime...

Finals are over! This semester seemed like such a drudgery and I felt brain-dead through half of it. A lot of my peers were extremely sleep-deprived, sicknesses ran rampant through the halls, I was struggling with unfamiliar mediums. And all of a sudden it's over. It feels like I haven't prepared for Christmas or even given it a second thought, and then, wait, it's December 15th? Ten days until Christmas and I haven't considered it. No decorations, no tree, just a break-neck race to the finish line of finals. I suppose I will feel more Christmasy when we get to my parents' in AZ, with their music and decorations and goodwill and whatnot. I much prefer doing finals in the spring and having the luxury of relaxing enough
during the winter to prepare for Christmas.

Anyway, here is my digital final:


Stewart Craig said...

This came out wonderful, you've shown your artistic prowess by conquering yet another medium.

Also, I just saw this and thought you'd like to see it. I feel like boastsil

Kari said...

Lee your final is awesome! I felt the same way this semester and am so relieved it's over even though it was fun having all those classes with you! Stewart thanks for posting that link! I love Firefly :)