Friday, January 27, 2012

On the end of the world...

... so according to the Mayan calendar, it's supposed to be all over this year, right? That makes this the year to DO things. Read that book you always said you'd read but never got around to. Give a pizza delivery guy a twenty dollar tip (Ty did this the other day). Take advantage of sunlight. Dance. Take a trip. Write that novel. Decide to be what you always wanted to be. Make a difference, if not in someone else's world, then at least in yours. Because it's all the same world anyway, right? And if the world doesn't end, then you'll be who you wanted to be when the new years starts in 2013.

Can you believe it's 2012? A new year, a new semester, new classes. I fared pretty well last semester, with all A's and a B- in Will Terry's Children's Book class. Was this because of attendance? Or because my work is B- quality. I guess I didn't really want to know, because I never asked him. Doesn't matter. My grades don't define me. (My new mantra.) I should say it in Batman's voice.

I am taking three classes. All illustration. (I was taking Biology, but after having to fill out quizzes on a SYLLABUS and reading that I would have to build a web page in ANOTHER site, I dropped it.)

*Illustration 2 with Richard Hull. Right now we are working on two projects; cliche and metaphor.
*Digital Painting for Illustration 2 with Ryan Wood. This guy is legit.
*And my favorite: Imagination and Visual Literacy with Will Terry.

I will post sketches and comps and things. But here is my first final project in Ryan Wood's class:


Kari said...

I don't know if the world will come to an end, but I do know you're painting is awesome and you're giraffe was well designed :) you're starting the year off right!

Lee V Call said...

Thanks Kari :)

Stewart Craig said...

You should update the info on this award winning piece

Lee V Call said...

Stoo, I will write something on it when I know something.