Saturday, January 21, 2012

On Love...

So I used to have a really bad attitude about relationships. I suppose most of this attitude stemmed from my experiences in my failed first marriage. I didn't believe in love at first sight or chick flicks or Valentine's Day. Bleh.

And then I met my second husband. He and I clicked. Insta-friends over a Mr. Potato Head (Darth Tater). We married on February 6th. So our first Valentine's Day was also following our first week of marriage. I like it now.

I still don't believe in chick flicks.

So I had to complete an assignment in Richard Hull's class, to create an illustration using an image cliche' in an unexpected way. So I used a cloud. And I created this:

It's a little reminiscent of my old attitude. But it's a lot more cheerful. If you knew me back then, you would know this is true.

Painter 12, Wacom Intuos 4

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