Monday, February 27, 2012

On Robots...

I like robots. C-3PO, the Tinman, Wall_E, Maximillian, the Terminator, Number 5, Sonny, Metropolis, The Day The Earth Stood Still, the Iron Giant, Robocop, Data, K9. They're fascinating. What are your favorite robots? I've drawn about five robots in my life.
My boys draw them all the time.

Ryan Wood assigned us to create a print ad with a robot selling a beverage. Here's a robot by Ryan Wood:

Rad huh?

And some of my favorites from my classmates:

Nate Call:


You can tell they've drawn robots before. Probably a lot. And here's mine:

Concept sketch:

I was trying to evoke the feeling of the old 1950's ads. I think Nate Call did a much better job. But I had fun writing it! I haven't made the changes based on Ryan's critique notes yet. I don't know if it's worth it.

But I want to draw robots more.

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Miss Hobbit said...

Your robot and the ad made me laugh. Fantastic!

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