Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On Caricatures . . .

Our final assignment with Richard was a "conceptual portrait".  Most of us interpreted this to be caricature.  Nate Call and I ended up with the same assignment (which we thought was weird, considering no one else got repeats), and we decided to talk to Richard about it.  I told Nate I didn't want to do Richard Nixon.  For reasons threefold.  1. There are about a bazillion caricatures of Nixon online and I thought I might copy one on accident.  2. I didn't want to compete against Nate.  3. I wanted to use the word "threefold".

So Richard assigned me Andy Warhol.  *sigh*  At least I didn't get Lady Gaga, which caricature Adam Munoa pulled off with aplomb.

So here are a few of my classmates' pieces, see if you can guess who the caricatures are:

Artist: James Allen 

Artist: Micah Larsen

There are more that I will post once I get images for them.

And here's mine:

Richard had no criticism.  So I must assume this piece is ... flawless?

Yay me.  I've arrived.

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Ginny Tilby said...

Or you're now a perfect artist. I'll just say it for you. You PROFESSIONALLY ROCK!!!