Monday, August 27, 2012

On Chosen Insanity...

I feel like that's what college is.  A chosen form of torture that results in temporary insanity brought on by scheduled workloads designed to BREAK US.  But at the end we're all educated, right?  And we have skills.  Hopefully, if we've worked hard, we have skillZ.  Like this actual art student, Ginny.

Tyler's first class today was cancelled due to low enrollment, but they didn't send out the email until this morning.  There were other frustrating things.  We talked to Geary, and asked her how school was going, she said, "I missed my first class today because I couldn't find PARKING."  She got to campus 45 minutes before her class, drove around for 30 minutes after her class started and there were no spaces.

This is an actual photo of ONE of UVU's parking lots.  As it always looks.  Unless you are looking for parking at 3am.  Luckily, the illustration department hasn't resorted to classes at this time (in spite of constant encroachment by the music department which puts our classes at more and more inconvenient times because we HAVE NO ROOM.)  I'm thinking of Vizzini in The Princess Bride, wondering what people will say about us after we've had enough and send our archers to reclaim our territory.  "Never get involved in a land war on GT level 5!"


The plague of insufficient parking has only escalated.  Soon, the plague will spread and people across the street at Walmart will have nowhere to park.  "What's going on?" they will cry to each other from their idling cars.  "Oh," will say one wise sage, "UVU's epidemic is upon us."

And here's an actual picture of the obnoxious construction signs all around campus, reminding us in bold text to "PARDON OUR DUST" and "BE PATIENT".

They do realize that our patience will not pay off, at least, it won't pay US off.  They're working on a parking structure?  Great!  When will it be finished?  December 2013, which we know actually means December 2033.  In the meantime, they've closed parking lots: L13, Student Center and Admissions Visitor.

So I drove him to school.  I found a space (hallelujah!) in the furthest lot above GT and we hiked into campus.  Tyler went down to see if he could find his teacher and figure something out.  I went down to find the department head, Don, and he was in the hallway, graciously agreed to speak with me and led me to his office.

Here is an actual photo of Don, sporting that jolly smile we all know and love.  He's holding this book because he's like... a god in the digital painting world.  Seriously.

I definitely commiserate with Don, he has about a bajillion things to do and students to see.  And his office is about 85 degrees.  Tip: If you're going to visit Don in his office, bring him a snow cone or a cup of ice or something.  Sometime, someone's going to come looking for him and all they'll find is a flesh-colored, gelatinous substance bubbling on the floor, a pair of silver glasses along with Don's generous head of hair perched on top.  Sad.  I told Don my woes, he told me some of his and then he helped me iron some things out.  He is stoked about Lost & Found, my BFA project.  I like Don.  And he's a phenomenal artist.  Check out this painting and you'll see.

Here is an actual digital painting made by Don Seegmiller:

See?  Check out those droplets, Stewart Craig.

I met Ty in the student center and we went to a kiosk so he could sign up for another class.  Success!  Then we went to the bookstore and grabbed the texts we would need for (cumulatively): Russian, Geology, Biology, History, Psychology and Anna Karenina.  (That last one was for Tyler's RECREATIONAL reading.  I know.)  We stood in line for FORTY minutes.  (I swear it was ninety degrees in there.  We had sweat literally running.)  And then we paid $300 for five books.  This is sad.  I'm used to going to the library book sales and spending $23 for 47 books.

Here is an actual picture of the UVU bookstore when it's NOT back-to-school madness.  Just imagine every square pixel of this image stuffed with human.  I don't know what the big black space is.  Maybe it's where we wish we could disappear after standing in line for forty minutes.

Ty and  I grabbed some lunch, we headed past Courtney's office.  I decided to check her office schedule and she was there!  Imagine.  I haven't seen her for four months.  And she was there, in all her glory.

Here is an actual picture of Courtney:

I know, she's too fabulous for words.  She was wearing a fabulous leather skirt today too, with her long wavy hair down around her shoulders.  I always make her turn around for me when I see her, because it makes my day just that much more fabulous.  It was nice to see Courtney.

Then finally attended my first class of the day!

This is an actual picture of me portraying how I felt at that time:

Not really.  But it is really how I felt.  And isn't it just the best picture ever?

Art324R - Children's Book Illustration - Will Terry
5:30 - 8:00pm

There are a lot of people I know in this class: Adam, Ginny, Matt, Alex, and others.  I called Nate later and told him to sign up, but I don't know if he'll have time.  

A lot of you already know how much I admire Will Terry.  I have learned an incredible amount of very practical stuff from Will, or Will Terry, as I like to call him, even though he asked us to remember him as  

Here is an actual digital painting created by Will Terry:

And even though I admire his mad art skillZ, I admire his business sense, industry savvy and practical wisdom even more.

We went over the syllabus (because it's practically required, even though we've all taken classes from Will Terry, except for Scott Shaffer) and then we discussed assignments.  Our first three assignments are children's book paintings: Little Miss Muffet, Jack and the Beanstalk and One Good Turn.  THEN: we are making an APP in his class this semester.  Yes, that's right.  An app.  And we will take it to publication (if we can finish it in that time) and it's going to be awesome.  Just by the way I wrote this you might be thinking that we will be working cooperatively on one app.  No, we will each create our own.

Here is an actual picture of Will Terry I found online:

He doesn't usually look like this.  

I suppose I could have used a more flattering picture, but this one appealed to me most.  Maybe because Will Terry makes me laugh.  If you want to see what he usually looks like, go find your own picture.

Thumbnails for "Little Miss Muffet" are due on Wednesday.

When we got home, Toby hadn't stolen anything out of the trash (which I actually put out of his reach, yay me) and I made pot stickers for dinner.  I actually warmed up two pans of oil on HIGH (which the directions on the box told me to do) but it was a little hotter than I thought and when I put the frozen pot stickers in, they burned instantly.

Here is an actual picture of the burned pot stickers:

Saddest dinner on my first day ever.  But Tyler kissed me and ate them anyway.

That's my first day.  I start at 8:30am tomorrow.  Which, if I take parking into account, actually means 6:30.


Will Terry said...

Brilliant!!!!! Sometimes I make that face when another programer quits....

Lee V Call said...

Will Terry, that made me LOL

Stewart Craig said...

Mondays always live up to the hyped :(

Stewart Craig said...

*hype sans the D

Ginny Tilby said...

That.... was awesome. I might have to copy you in my blog. I hope that's okay. It won't be nearly as awesome though. Seriously that was way awesome to read. You guys had QUITE the day! I just wanted to use awesome four times in this post. And the pictures you used were really great too! (haha Will Terry... we're just happy he's still around to even comment!)

emily said...

I LOVED reading this. I'm so glad that on top of being a seriously awesome person and a seriously awesome artist (with the Spanish pronunciation, emphasis on the "i") that you are also still a seriously awesome writer.

Looking forward to more :)

Also tell Tyler that Anna Karenina is excellent, and it takes about 200 pages to get into it, but it's worth it.

Lastly, to prove I'm not a robot, the computer is asking me to type "onsontro." Which in my opinion, should be a real word.

sALMOND JOY! said...

Awesome post! Love it! I hate the parking so much too. I lost my parking pass a week ago and now I'm super angry that I'll be paying like 130 dollars total for a year of parking up at the education building. Such a joke.