Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On Old Friends...

Ah, so many old friends to rediscover in a new semester at UVU.

7am: Alarm clock, old friend!  How I've missed you.  I look forward to all the quality time we'll spend together this semester.

8:15am: Backed-up traffic on UVU exit, old friend!  I almost forgot what it was like, having you around.

8:30 am: Jam-packed parking lots, you're looking well today!  I know we became reacquainted yesterday, but it's always a surprise, how unavailable you are.

8:35 am: (five minutes late) Art 421R - Advanced Illustration - Richard Hull
                                          8:30 - 11am

Lots of familiar people in this class:  Rani, Kari, James, Nate, Adam, Frankie, James, Kyle, Matt.  Richard expounded for a long time (as he does) on the importance of hard work, craft, drawing and illustration in general.  Here is a photo of Richard:  

He doesn't usually sleep during class.  But I like this photo.  We all think he is sitting here dreaming about food.  Specifically, hamburgers.

Some gems from his lecture today:

"What's the benefit of a liberal arts education?  You have a greater world view.  You know more than just how to draw a good lizard."

"You guys improved immensely last semester.  I even gave out an A, didn't I?"  (In fact, Richard gave out TWO A's in Conceptual Illustration.  Neither of them went to me.)

"So, for this first piece, come up with a simple solution.  Not the history of the world with the complete cast. Make it maybe... three people."

"He's a three dollar bill, I'll tell you."

"Some fashion school.  Oh, the L.A. Fashion Institute had four fashion illustrator.  They all died of AIDS within two years of each other.  They never replaced them."

He also said: Ex-rox.  This made me happy.

Portfolio pieces and thumbnails due on Thursday.

11:10am: Talked to Rani for a while about her current projects.  Good job, Rani!

11:20am: Waited for Tyler to sign in on the walk-in sheet to see his academic counselor.  Sat for HALF an HOUR even though Tyler was the next name because a dude came up and said, "Rae Ann Ellis?" and the gatekeeper girl said, "Are you Tyler?" and he said. "Yes."  and she let him in before Tyler and CROSSED Tyler's name OFF the list.  Can you believe that?  Tyler said, "I think that guy stole my spot."  I went over to the list and saw Tyler's name crossed off and told the girl, pointing, "THAT'S Tyler."  She apologized and said the guy was rude for taking Tyler's spot and Tyler said, "It's okay." and I told her, "But it's not REALLY okay."

12:30pm: Ran errands.  Visited Camie for two seconds (she's sick).  Feel better, Camie!  

1:30pm: Hello, pillow, old friend.  I am just here for a quick visit.  I hope we have a nice long interlude tonight, after bedtime.


2:30 pm: Needed another book from the UVU bookstore.  Hello long bookstore line, how long has it been? Only one day?  Seems like a lifetime.

3:30 pm: Hello helpful Bursar's office, an old friend indeed.  Wait, how much do I owe?  Only FIFTY CENTS?  Please, please let me stand in your line for twenty minutes to pay what I owe.

When it's finally my turn, I walk up to the counter, slap two quarters down on the counter and say my student ID.  Helpful Bursar's office UVU employee, Sam, types it in, laughs apologetically and hands me my receipt.  I say to him: "Can you write Love, Sam on there, with a smiley face?  That would really offset the standing in line for twenty minutes to pay fifty cents."

4:00pm:  Geo1010 - Intro to Geology - Michael Davis

Michael is a very soft-spoken professor with an extreme love for rocks, tectonic plates, volcanoes and such. Some gems from his lecture:

"The Earth is old.  4.6 billion years.  That's like . . . really old."

When explaining the age of the earth when set in a 24 hour period, modern hominids have only been around for fifteen seconds.  "We can all fathom fifteen seconds."  Pauses.  "There was a third of it right there."

We need to have Chapter One in the textbook read by Thursday.

5:30pm: We drove past Adam Munoa waiting at the shuttle stop by LA.  In exchange for a ride to his car, he gave me these two prints:

He said they didn't print out right, but I think I got the sweet end of this bargain.  To see these piece up close, visit Adam's blog.  He's a wizard with digital paint.  The funny thing is, during Richard's lecture, I was daydreaming about someday having a series of Adam Munoa hero caricatures displayed a long well-traveled hallway in my huge-someday-mansion-house.  And now I have two!  Thanks, Adam. 

I know great artists.

6:00pm: Stopped by the Avalanche shaved ice shack a couple blocks from our house to get a snow cone.  The tip jar said, "I will sing for tips."  Of course, Tyler couldn't resist asking, so the cute Avalanche girl sang AND danced for us.  Something about muffin-tops and her sexy thighs.  It was actually quite enjoyable.  She was a delightful girl and a good entertainer.

I wonder what adventures tomorrow will hold.


Ginny Tilby said...

Fav parts: Picture of Richard (LOL), Love Sam smiley face heart, and singing dancing girl for tips. Day 2? Will there be more posts? I like this.

Kory said...

Out of all of your adventures I think I loved the way you wrote about it the most. You should write books or something.