Sunday, September 30, 2012

On Halloween...

So I really love Halloween.  I usually start planning costumes around March.  No really.  I will scour thrift stores, garage sales and the internet for the perfect piece to complete the ensemble.

Here are some costumes from my past.  Actually, some of them aren't costumes.  They are things I used to wear daily.  So even at the last minute, putting together a costume wasn't difficult.  I always had weird wardrobe pieces lying around.

Pink boots, one of my favorites:

It's not hard to feel like you're in costume every day with boots like these:

Put this together for a mystery dinner:

Bride costume, made from a crazy thrift store dress.

Ren fest costume.  Yes, that's a tail:

Scarborough Faire in Houston, TX:

A cat's the easiest costume, but the face paint makes it special.

Me and my offspring:

For Wednesday Addams, I found the dress and shoes at one thrift store, and the doll at another.  It's the perfect doll and after I sawed off it's head with a pocket knife, it stands on it's own.  I still have the head somewhere.

I called this one, Demon Goddess of I-15.  As I drove to school, I pretended I could curse all the Utah drivers for their transgressions:

My latest costume project: steampunk.

But this year, I literally don't have time.  We are actually in the process of moving.  Friday.  All of my costumes are packed into boxes in storage.  Saddest thing ever.  So I don't know what I'll be wearing for Halloween this year.  Which is sad, because it will be our last Halloween here with The Collective.

In the meantime, I'll be posting awesome costume ideas on Facebook this month.

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Miss Hobbit said...

Last Halloween with the Collective...that is a sad thought :(