Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On Childhood...

Raise your hand if you had an ideal childhood.  I think there are some people who do, or who remember it that way.  If you look in the dictionary, ideal has to do with perfection.  I think an ideal childhood would be linked to ideal parents.  And it's hard to find ideal parents.  I think there are wonderful parents out there and I think a lot of them got that way after a lot of practice.  But I think when they first started out, none of them were ideal.  

This illustration is kind of about that -- the less than ideal childhood.  It actually illustrates a story I wrote that's going to be in my upcoming ebook.

Here's a bit of my process.

I started with a traditional background created with acrylic on cardboard:

Then I took these photos: A reference photo of my kids,

A stock photo of a playground,

A stock photo of a sunset,

And a bunch of splatters from
I made this drawing:

And here's the final product.  When you read the story, the imagery will make more sense.  


Ginny Tilby said...

Hey you found a pic of a playground! Your kiddo's made good models. I miss them. There are so many things I like about this piece. Maybe it's my personal relation to the imagery. Maybe it's the style, color, texture, line work. It's all of it.

I'm just proud of you all the times. :)

Alicia VanNoy Call said...