Tuesday, March 26, 2013

On Awards and Awesomeness

So it's no secret to anyone who's read this blog that I have undergone quite a change in the past five years. I have become someone I wouldn't have recognized before I came to this school. And I don't mean physically. Yes, I look different too, but that's more of a backlash following my mental illness, drug dependency, and depression-induced anorexia. I'm referring to my emotional, intellectual, and artistic metamorphosis.

So I was nominated for UVU Student of the Year by the Illustration Department, and because this is quite a competitive award, UVU came back with a Student of Merit Award, which I was thrilled to receive. Don let me know in his office and gave me the details and said I would be able to bring two guests with me to the awards banquet. Of course, I wanted to bring Tyler and Don.

How honored I am to be recognized in this way. Thank you to everyone who has helped shape my experience and my education at UVU.

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