Sunday, April 28, 2013

On Being Totally, Completely, 100% Done

Except for I haven't officially gotten my diploma yet and I could have flunked all my classes so who knows?

I don't even know how to feel about this. Seriously.

I am NOT looking forward to moving back to AZ, because that means I'll have to be around my ex. I suppose this will provide more opportunities for growth. Sometimes I wish I could choose all my growth experiences and not participate in the ones that I don't want to.

I've built a family here that I adore. I am going to miss everyone SO much.

Really so much.

How can this chapter of my life close with such a feeling of accomplishment concurrent with such a feeling of heartbreak?

Don backstage before the ceremony.

Courtney backstage. Before she received her teacher of the year... something. It was a crystal apple to put on her desk. I think she should have gotten a raise.

Ginny's leg under her robe.

They snapped this picture before I went onstage.

"This diploma's gonna make me famous!"

All graduated.

 I was so glad I got to sit with my friends Nate, Ginny, and Rani.

After I got the diploma holder.

Yep. It's finished.

Soooo many people came to support me.

Sean and Cate and their family.

My parents, from AZ.

 Ty's parents, from CO.

 Bethany, James, and Amberly.

 Auntie and Uncle and their family.

 My amazing therapist Michelle.

 We cried. Not gonna lie.

And from Tyler: one flower for every week I was in school. 
That's 240 roses and tulips. That man knows how to celebrate something like this!

One last photo with Don.

And Richard.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this goal a reality. Seriously. And to the one who first suggested I go to art school. Thank you for the encouragement, you set me on this path and you saved my life and I honor everything I learned from you. Couldn't have done it without ALL of you. And you know that.

Tyler, you're the best. I love you forever. MWAH!

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