The Illustration Peeps

My peeps.  My homies.  My crew.  They make me laugh, make the long studio day shorter, make me feel good about my art.

Kenna - Graduated!
Kenna: short, feisty, draws cartoons, learned figures from anime (she doesn't admit this readily), is a writer in disguise.  Kenna's super-power: sarcasm.  Kenna is way above-average at  sarcasm.  Kenna and I once kept a set of visiting teachers entertained for almost two hours...  Kenna's rarely updated online gallery

photo by Rani Bean
Ginny: the sweetest girl I know, can draw anything, misplaces something almost every day, unlimited imagination, likes to swing, gives great hugs.  Ginny's super-power: cuteness.  Ginny is so cute.  She's like... super-cute.  Ginny's art blog.

 Stewart says this should be the only pic of him online anywhere.  Stewart: wears shorts and flipflops every day, contagious giggler, speaks Japanese, amazing concept artist, shares random extraordinary youtube links.  Stoo's super-power: humility.  Stewart will never admit that his artwork is awesome.  Compliment him and you'll get a bunch of non-committal mumbling, "Ah... mmm... nah... it's just.... oooh..."  Stewart's Facebook gallery of images.  Stewart's blog.

Denise - Graduated!
Denise is a connoisseur of life experiences.  Opinionated with a generous smile, Denise shares my love of film and literature.  We look at each other sometimes, and I swear I know what she's thinking.  Or maybe she knows what I'm thinking...  Denise's super-power: her acerbic wit.  Denise needs an online gallery!

James: Polynesian dancer by night, artist by day, easy-going, deep thinker.  James gave me an honest critique of my ugliest painting ever: "I don't like the Sharpie outline.  But other than that... it's okay."  It made me laugh.  James paints awesome comic book characters.  James lent us The One.  What could be better than 125 Jet Li's?  James' super-power: his smile.  James's smile can make us feel like everything is going to be okay.  Plus he laughs with his whole body.  Click here for James' blog.

Justin: father of two, hard-working (seriously, he is constantly improving his craft), natural storyteller.
Justin told us this story one time, in the student center cafeteria, that involved a little Justin, his father, a bunch of luggage, an angry ex, and a real fear that manslaughter had been committed.  We about died laughing.
Justin is real.  That's one of the things I like most about him.

Nate Call
Nate: Quiet, understated, witty, insanely good at line-art.
This guy is seriously a kindred spirit.  His dry sense of humor and proclivity toward all things creepy,
something I click with.  Plus, he always has something very clever to say during class, but quiet
enough that not everyone will hear him.  Also, I adore his wife.  Nate's art blog.